2012 Back To School Nocona College Boots Giveaway

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Show your school spirit and enter for your chance to win a pair of Nocona college boots. Thanks to our friends at Justin Brands, we’re giving away three (3) pairs of Nocona Collegeboots – winners will be allowed to choose one school from the list below. All entries must be made by 9:59 am CST on Wednesday, August 29, 2012. One (1) winner will be randomly selected and announced on each of the following dates: August 1st , 15th , and 29th.

 Alabama
 Arkansas
 Auburn
 Baylor
 Boise State
 Clemson
 Colorado State
 Duke
 Florida
 Georgia
 Houston
 Iowa State
 Kansas
 Kansas State
 Kentucky
 Mississippi
 Misissippi State
 Missouri
 Nebraska
 North Carolina State
 Ohio
 Oklahoma
 Oklahoma State
 Oregon State
 Sam Houston State
 South Carolina
 Stephen F. Austin
 Tennessee
 Texas
 Texas A&M
 Texas Tech
 Vanderbilt
 West Virginia
 Wyoming

Show your support for your favorite college and enjoy the comfort of Nocona’s legendary fit. You will love the comfortable fit and feel while cheering on your team! These great looking, American made boots from Nocona are perfect for kicking back or kicking you-know-what. Collegeboots are officially licensed and the perfect compliment to your gameday wardrobe. Available in both mens’ and ladies’ styles, so try a pair today.

Check out Nocona Collegeboots on Cavenders.com and on Collegeboots.com for more schools and styles.

Contest Rules

This contest has ended. Winners will be announced soon.


Gage Mortimer (Minneapolis, KS)
Sara Tipton (Spring, TX)
Suzanne Conrad (Trinity, FL)

  1. MARY LOU says:


  2. PMARYLOU says:


  3. TRUDI says:


  4. Blake Pool says:

    Gig'em Aggies

  5. Blake Pool says:

    Gig'em Aggies

  6. jackie says:

    hook em horns!

  7. DONNA H says:

    GO LSU

  8. Lucinda says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  9. Renee says:

    Gig Em !

  10. marianne says:


  11. Tina says:

    I would love for my son to have this pair of boots….He has been wanting some ATM boots and he is getting his Senior Ring on Sept. 14th…..This would be an awesome surprise to go along with his ring

  12. Barbara Butler says:

    mama needs a new pair of boots

  13. Phyllis estrello

    3500 goliad rd., lot 67

    San antonio, tx., 78223


    Entry for boots

  14. Kate Daly says:

    How awesome these boots would be!!

  15. jane jakins says:

    great boots

  16. Joni Waggoner says:

    Awesome boots!!!!


    LOVE YOUR BOOTS!!!!!!!!

  18. Patti says:

    I need a pair of boots.

  19. lisa123075 says:

    Hook'em!!! m/ m/

  20. Denise Blonstein says:

    I have a son whom attends Texas A & M University! Whoop!! I would love a pair of boots to show my Aggie Spirit!! Gig em!!

  21. Denver Mckinney says:

    Texas State University San Marcos Texas

  22. Lauren says:

    Nacona should get Utah State University on their list- they are the AGGIES!! It's an agricultural school and tons of students would wear them. <3

  23. Amy says:

    Would LOVE some K-State boots!

  24. Rosemarie says:

    Nothing like sporting OU

  25. Marcy says:

    Would love me some UT boots!

  26. marci palumbo says:

    Rah Rah! TCU! Rah Rah TCU!!! Want to win bad!!!

  27. Shalene says:

    I want a pair of OU ones like sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!

  28. Mary says:

    Roll Tide Roll!!!

  29. Jeff Fair says:

    Please consider adding West Point, Navy and the Air Force Academy to your list of college boots.
    The men and women who protect our country deserve the best.

  30. Holly Maire Bradford says:

    These boots are AMAZING! &hearts; Would be so AWESOME to own a pair! &hearts; ROLL TIDE! &hearts;

  31. David says:

    Do the Aggie boots come in with the new SEC Champion logo?

  32. Gayle Bastin says:

    Would love to win!! Would give them to a huge University of Kentucky fan!!!!!!!!!!

  33. crystal says:

    I have been longhorns fan since I was a wee lion thing even when I move to Oklahoma then missouri I still wore that burnt orange proud an I always will HOOK EM HORNS!!!!

  34. Dennis says:

    GO COOGS !!!!!!

  35. Robin says:

    Go Frogs!

  36. Breeze says:

    I would really like to win some ALABAMA boots!

  37. Charles says:

    I would wear these boots with pride

  38. bindhi says:

    Go SFA Lumberjacks! Would love the boots!

  39. Misty says:

    I wanna win some Nocona College Boots!!! Hook 'em horns!!! m/

  40. krystal says:

    i want a pair of these i love the longhorn ones they r awesome

  41. #1JAYHAWKFAN says:

    Rock Chalk Baby!

  42. Charlotte says:

    HOOK EM' HORNS!!!!

  43. Karen Scarbrough says:

    OSU Boots, really good look'in boots!!

  44. Hailey says:

    I love these boots!!!!!!!!!1

  45. janemthome says:

    Would really love a pair of Arkansas Boots— SooooooooPig

  46. Linda Paschal says:

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Whoop!

  47. rusthawk says:

    You bet! Thanks for the chance!

  48. Mary Ann Childers says:

    You'd have to be CRAZY not to want a pair of these boots!

  49. rajee says:

    Texas State University San Marcos Texas

  50. Ann Mountain says:

    Ohio State for sure!

  51. Ruby says:

    Go Oklahoma State Cowboys!!!

  52. Jessica says:

    Im attending Colorado State! And would love the chance to show them that Yes Im from Texas, Yes I wear boots, and Yes I have school Spirit!!

  53. RAY COLEMAN says:


  54. Maricela N. says:

    I would love some Texas Longhorns Boots!! (:

  55. Liz says:

    The Texas Longhorn Boots are so awesome!

  56. Elizabeth says:

    Tell'em the Cowboys are comin' and they're bringin' hell with'em! GO POKES! PISTOLS FIRING!

  57. janemthome says:

    Go Hogs, Thanks Cavenders for the contest.

  58. zarah73 says:

    I love these boots! Roll Tide :)

  59. Ann Petermann says:

    Would love some new boots.

  60. Rosemarie says:

    theres nothing like a pair of OU Boots

  61. ellen letson says:

    Roll Tide! how awesome it would be to win!! thank you Justin's and Cavender's!!

  62. Pam says:

    Sic 'em Bears!

  63. WVUEER says:

    Let's Go Mountaineers!!

  64. Brenna says:

    i just got accepted into Texas A&M and would love to have these boots!!! I would wear them every gameday for the next four years!!!!!

  65. We need new boots (*0*)

  66. glenn harris says:

    thanks for the nice new boots.

  67. Brandi says:


  68. Candace says:

    Needing a pair of these boots! Hook'em!

  69. trlsek says:

    Need a pair of UGA boots!

  70. William Orgain says:

    Roll Tide Roll/ Go Big Orange…… House divided…

  71. nadine says:

    i need a new pair of boots…..

  72. donna t says:

    Hook em horns
    Would love a pair of boots!!!

  73. donna t says:

    Hook em horns

  74. billiev says:

    I'd love some WVU Mountaineer boots!

  75. Denise Blonstein says:

    I would love to have a pair of the ATM boots! Whoop and Gig em!

  76. Cynthia says:

    Yes in deed, a Michigan girl would love these boots!!!! A Texas pair!

  77. Katie says:

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Need some of those KU boots!

  78. Latasha Morrison says:

    I want a pair, Please?

  79. Debbie says:

    Would love a pair of A&M boots for my daughter!

  80. Kani says:

    I want a pair so bad !!!!!!!!!

  81. Sharmon O'Quinn says:


  82. Sharmon O'Quinn says:


  83. Marsha Callison says:

    I want these….BAMA

  84. Marsha Callison says:

    I want these….BAMA

  85. Chris says:

    Should have made Wisconsin Boots! Go Badgers!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Elizabeth says:

    Heading out to Stephen F. Austin in a few weeks, would love to show off my New Boots!!!!!!

  87. Debbie says:

    GO OSU…I would love some boots

  88. RICK (TCU '87) says:


  89. Duke says:

    Come on down! A new pair of boots!!!!!!

  90. jamie says:

    i would love some lsu an texas am boots

  91. Erin says:

    Hookem Horns!!

  92. louis says:

    hi i would like a pair of boots size 14 and black great site you have and love the info thanks a lot.

  93. Susan says:

    So want to win — need a "Boot" in my life bad!!!! Gig'em Baby!

  94. txMama says:

    hook'em baby :)

  95. steve morgan says:

    Need a pair of K-State Boots to wear on the Ranch

  96. Esther says:

    I would like a pair!

  97. aroughneckswife says:

    Go OU!! Boomer Sooner Baby!! ;~}

  98. Susan Garrison says:

    Goooo Dawgs!!!! I would love to have a pair of these boots!

  99. Gerard Nealon says:

    go lsu

  100. Lily says:

    I want em’!!!!(:

  101. David Lee says:

    New boots would be nice.

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  103. Elsabe says:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Cavenders is a great store and I just love their boots!

  104. Kathleen Gentry says:

    really would be proud to wear these boots…..!!!!!

  105. Krisstell says:

    …”Aggie Pride!”, say’s it all!

  106. Joseph says:

    I would love the LSU boots

  107. Tori says:

    I need a new pair of boots! Ive been wanting a & m one forever. I woulx appreciate it thanks :)

  108. Kathryn Mackey says:

    boots look cool

  109. God bless would love a pair of K-State boots to sport around the farm. Thank you

  110. Willie Aclin says:

    I need those Boots

  111. RAY COLEMAN says:


  112. Duqyesbekid says:

    I need a new pair of boots

  113. Crystal says:

    Hook em Horns, All the way!!!

  114. james says:

    love to win a pair of oregon state boots

  115. Cullen says:

    Howdy, a pair of Aggie boots would go great with my Aggie ring. Gig'em

  116. Audrey says:

    A&M Whoop!

  117. Diane Warstler says:

    These MOUNTAINEER boots would be perfect for a number one fan like ME!

  118. Jay Payne says:

    My Son goes to Ohio U on a shoestring budget and any help he gets is appreciated. Go Marching 110!

  119. Linda says:

    In it to win it!

  120. Carolyn Reilly says:

    My niece would love these!

  121. Linda says:

    Go Texas!!

  122. Denise Blonstein says:

    After this fall semester my son whom attends Texas A &M in College Station, Texas will will have his 45 hours at A & M and he will be able to order is Aggie Ring and then receive in March 2013! That would be great to have a pair Texas A & M boots when I attend his Ring Dunk! I also belong to a Aggie's Mom's Club and wear to our meetings! Thanks and Gig em!!

  123. Kailey says:

    Gig em!!! Whoop!

  124. PAT BROOKS says:


  125. Sonia says:

    Co Coogs!

  126. Fry says:

    Would, LOVE,LOVE, LOVE to win, GOOOOO Longhorns…….

  127. marci palumbo says:

    so want to win TCU boots!!! Live in Florida and can't stand the Gators and FSU :P

  128. Sharon Shope says:

    Love the boots!

  129. verna puckett says:

    Go Ohio State

  130. janemthome says:

    I would love some CSU boots!! Thanks for the contest

  131. Linda says:

    Go Texas!

  132. susie says:

    Please add ECU Pirates!

  133. marci palumbo says:

    Rah Rah TCU!!! Horned Frog pride here & would love to wear it :)

  134. Laurie Rodriguez says:

    Horns UP!

  135. L Tanner says:

    Woooo Pig Souieeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Linda Cronan says:

    Hook 'em!!

  137. Brenda says:

    Go LSU

  138. Linda Gilbert says:

    It would be fun to win some Missouri boots! Yahoo

  139. Daniel Mihaliak says:

    Let's Go Mountaineers! WVU

  140. Linda Cronan says:

    Hook 'em!!!

  141. Pam Flynn says:

    These boot ROCK!!! Thanks

  142. Greg says:

    Go Sooners! I sure would love to win a brand-new pair of Nocona boots! Thanks!

  143. Joe Burba says:


  144. Denise says:

    Howdy, Once a Aggie Mom always an Aggie Mom! Love a pair A&M Nocona Boot's to show my Aggie Spirit! Thanks and Gig em! Whoop!

  145. Greg says:

    Go Oklahoma Sooners! I sure would love to win a new pair of Nocona boots! Thanks for the opportunity!

  146. Rick says:

    My boots have holes

  147. Rick says:

    My boots have holes

  148. Donna Rooks says:


  149. Kimberly Gooch says:

    They are so AWESOME!!!

  150. Ken Gillette says:

    Cool give away, love the boots

  151. Sharon Tudor says:

    Would love a pair of UT boots!!!

  152. Sharon Tudor says:

    Would love a pair of UT boots!!!

  153. Mark Burkett says:

    Roll Tide! 14 National Champions

  154. vicki says:

    Need this!!1

  155. Greg says:

    I'd love win some Oklahoma Sooner boots! Boomer Sooner!

  156. augustine says:

    I would love one of these boots

  157. Sharon Shope says:

    Love the boots!

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